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Technical rider MIRAGE
























- 7m wide x 5m deep (without the main P.A. System)
- 2 stageraisers no smaller than 2m x 2m, ca. 50cm high

(alternatetively a 2-step podium with lower front & higher back)

- power access on each side and the back of the stage - 5 vocal mics + boomstands
- 1 mic + stand for guitar-amp
- 1 line-in (XLR or Jack) for bass-amp
- 1 line-in for acc. guitar (Jack)
- 2 stereo line-in for keyboards (4 x Jack)
- adequate drum amplification according to venue-size

drumkit consist of:
kick / snare / 2 x tom / 2 x floor-tom / hi-hat / cymbals

Band brings their own backline (amps, drums) if necessary If backline is present send detailed description

Mirage is a band with 5 singers who all take turns to sing lead-vocals, and harmony vocals play an essential part in the bands sound. Therefore it is important that each singer can hear him- or herself above the others in the monitor, with a mix of all other voices underneath that.

- 5 monitor groups (if possible ???)
- all monitors: individual lead vocals, vocal mix, keys, el.gtr, acc.gtr,

bass. no drums in the monitor

- keyboard monitor: extra keys
- main singer monitor (front middle): extra acc.gtr - drummer monitor: extra bass & keys


Setlists for the sound- and light-engineers with details about which vocalist sings which song will be provided by the band





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